Feedback from course participants

All participants on our courses complete pre and post course evaluations. The below testimonials are from 2016-2018:

Feedback on course facilitators

Katrina you had great balance in your delivery, great manner, and reassured everybody. You rock!

Katrina and Rob were amazing, thank you! Really good course. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but feel sad that it’s finished but also relieved because it’s been a big commitment.

Both counsellors very open and warm and attentive.

Good personal sharing of their own experiences. Relaxed, good sense of humour.

Very knowledgeable, providing personal experiences and solutions. Always felt supported and listened to.

Very open and welcoming. Thanks! 😊

Very thoughtful, passionate to help, comforting, and empathetic. Thank you so much to Katrina and Mary!!

Very knowledgeable and keen to share knowledge. (A) good mix of structure and flexibility to accommodate the group. (A) good way of encouraging sharing.

Helpful and supportive environment. Helped me see clearly (the) issues in my family and ways of dealing with them.

Excellent ability to impart and explain theory, great empathy.

I think they are both aware of what they are talking about. They both very calm and gave us a good feeling.

Keep up the good work! Wish there were more of these courses and support out there for us parents! You ladies are both fabulous at what you do!! We may cross paths again one day.

Really knowledgeable and empathetic!! Fantastic course. It has really helped me become more mindful & parenting has become much lovelier & home life & the kids much smoother and drama-free.

She listened to all of us the same and helped a lot with individual problems.

Quick thinking ability to see learnings and patterns. (Used) direct discussion fruitfully.

I liked the way you made the group feel comfortable and safe. A good learning environment.

relating the theory to our own situations (was particularly good). ‘Slowing things down’ so we can analyse a problem with the knowledge we now have.

She reflected upon events and reinforced, changed, or apologised if appropriate. Was always attentive to each person.

Understanding why we tell ourselves ‘stories’ has helped me very much with my partner and family.

You built a great rapport between the group members. Good mix of knowledge and skills development plus time for personal reflection. Theory and practice.

Overall a good mix of science/theory and practical advice.

Katrina was awesome! To be able to role-play & understand other people AND hold back on giving advice is something I would love to be able to do. Made me love to be able to do. Made me look into my situation & want to learn.


Feedback on course

How the brain works was well taught

Practical ‘tricks’ for how to react under pressure were great.

Small group, safe to share, enjoyed a laugh, non-judgemental, good advice from experience.

Has changed my opinion of my daughter to such an extent it feels like a miracle!

I have enjoyed the course and the interaction between the group.

The course is unique in its content and a refreshing perspective on parent/teen relationships

Friendly and easy to communicate with, good listeners, have great knowledge on subjects we covered

I wish this could have been longer

I have found the course very interesting – especially learning about the teenage brain developments they are going through.

All the topics were great, but it was really beneficial to hear other member’s stories as well. It was a good balance of both.

Fantastic course, thank you

Very informative course. It makes you think about your actions and how it affects your child. The psychology aspect was very interesting.

I’ve really enjoyed these sessions and listening to others and their different opinions in how they deal with their teenagers & the outcome we’ve had even though it could have been a bit longer.

Appreciated empathic reflection and personal and informative examples.

The counselling style was indeed really good. My first experience of counselling!! The pace was good – amazing how quickly 2 hours goes. I learnt from the others and hearing their problems and queries being answered.

Drama triangle and Winners triangle (was) really helpful, as well as understanding attachment styles.

Thanks very much, this course has been fantastic. I will miss everyone!

I felt it was a very helpful and worthwhile course. Great to have a period of time set aside to contemplate relationships with our teens.

Good empathy examples.

Excellent course, has changed my attitude and my understanding of my child immensely.

Helpful course run in a comfortable manner. Thanks!

Great course. Really helpful topics. Feel much better able to understand and deal with issues related to the ages and stages of my children.

Tonight was really, really good – working with the different scenarios and changing them.

The scientific aspects of the course really helped me to understand and empathise with my teen better. ‘A different approach’ rings true to me based on the content of the course – something I try to remind myself on when interacting with my children now.

The content was enlightening! I am beginning to see life through my children’s eyes and hopefully with time that will help me become a calmer mum.

Really enjoyed the attachment videos and group role play/scenario problem-solving real problems.

Good course! Thank you.

Good teamwork

It has been invaluable and (I) feel equipped to continue building, making changes, and developing as a parent.

Wish it was longer. 😊

A follow up one session would be hugely beneficial I feel. Have a wonderful summer. Arohanui.

Thanks for (the) caring attitude and for having fun with some heavy topics!

Loved it and would recommend!

Thank you so much Katrina. I’ve fallen back in love with my son. I know there will be ups and downs but I’ve got his back.

Complimented when appropriate and greatly redirected as required.

Thank you for opening my eyes! Always looked forward to our group sessions

It was a lot to fit into a short time. It would be interesting to touch base with each other in a few months to see if things have shifted.

Great course, thanks very much.

It is a real pity that these courses aren’t compulsory &/or more available. Thank you for your input into our lives!

All parents should do this course.