TSW Training Outline

Course Outline and Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will…..

  • Demonstrate an ability to listen actively and to assess and evaluate information
  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of child and adolescent development
  • Demonstrate confidence in responding to client calls
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the dynamics of family violence and child abuse


The following topics will be covered in the training:


  1. Self-Awareness

                Learning Outcomes:      

  • To recognise own values and beliefs
  • To practice a non-judgmental approach to clients


  1. Listening and Supporting Skills

                Learning Outcomes:      

  • To acquire the ability to listen actively
  • To identify and assess issues and to enable clients to decide outcomes


  1. Child and Adolescent Development

                Learning Outcomes:      

  • To increase knowledge of developmental stages and associated behaviours
  • To apply knowledge when assisting clients to deal with behavioural issues
  • To “coach” parents to build effective parenting skills


  1. Analysis of Family Violence and Child Abuse:

                Learning Outcomes:      

  • To recognise the impact of family violence on children
  • To recognise and assess the likelihood of child abuse when responding to helpline calls
  • To be aware of Parent Help protocols and TSW role regarding reporting and/or notification of child abuse


  1. Supervision and “Being a TSW”

                Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the reasons for, and benefits of clinical supervision
  • To assess own performance and to learn from experience of colleagues
  • To be conversant with administrative requirements of the role
  • To practise self-care

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