Earthquake Support

We all have different ways of coping after an earthquake and experience different levels of fear and anxiety. As a parent, there are lots of things you can do to support your children, and yourself, after a stressful event.

5 tips to support your children

  1. Be aware of your own emotions and try to stay calm and optimistic. Your children will be affected by your reactions
  2. Talk with your children about what has happened. Give them information that they can understand. Reassure them by saying “that was scary, but we’re safe now”
  3. Limit their access to the media and think about what you are saying in front of them – children hear much more than you think
  4. Keep family routines. This signals safety and normality and will help them to feel secure
  5. Take time to give extra cuddles. Caring for yourself and your loved ones is priority. Anything else can wait

Seek help when you need it.
Call our Helpline 0800 568 856 if you need someone to talk to.

Useful resources

These resources provide helpful advice on how to support your children and family:

Tips for coping after an earthquake
A short list of things to do that can make you and others feel better

Take care of your children but don’t forget yourself
Top tips to help your kids

World Went Wonky – Free childrens eBook
Download the free childrens eBook ”When Super Billy’s World Went Wonky”, a story for kids and a tool for parents to highlight coping strategies for the ongoing issues caused by earthquakes

Tips for coping with distress in young children after the earthquake
Tipsheet from University of Canterbury

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