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  • Punishment and discipline

    Tried it all but still struggling to discipline your child? First ask yourself… “Do I want my child to behave just because they’re afraid of the conseque…

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  • 5 tips on parenting an anxious child

    If you haven’t experienced much anxiety yourself, it can feel like navigating unchartered (and murky) waters. Your child’s feelings may seem weird, unfounded, or even l…

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  • Separation anxiety in children – how to help?

    Does your child find it hard to say ‘goodbye’ or have meltdowns when it is the time for you to go? Are they fearful of you leaving them alone?  They may be experiencing separation…

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  • Avoiding toddler tantrums

    Meltdowns are common among toddlers – feeling intense emotions like fear and anger can be overwhelming. Without the words and strategies to express them, toddlers often respond wit…

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  • Dealing with toddler tantrums

    What is a tantrum?   A toddler meltdown is a child’s way of communicating when they don’t yet have the words and skills to manage their own feelings. Tantrums are a normal par…

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  • How to deal with aggression in kids

      In this article we will guide you how to deal with angry outbursts and prevent them from happening in the future. Angry outbursts are developmentally normal up until age sev…

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