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  • Wellbeing tips for parents

    As parents, we need to look after our own wellbeing. Often, we want to believe that we are superheroes and can keep on top of everything.  But we all know that is far from the trut…

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  • Positive parenting tips for happier families

    The term “positive parenting” is everywhere and has become increasingly popular over the years. But what does it really mean? We know from the calls we get that many parents feel c…

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  • How to talk to your child about terrorism

    Parent Help joins with all New Zealanders who have condemned the horrific violence on Friday 15th March at the two mosques in Christchurch. To our Muslim communities, especially th…

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  • Parenting young people in a digital age

    One of the biggest and most complicated challenges that parents face as their children grow in today’s world seems to be related to spending time online – surfing the net or on soc…

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  • Ways to handle toddler tantrums

    There is a reason that you’ll often hear people talking about “the terrible twos” and “three-nagers”; parenting toddlers is hard work! One of the biggest challenges for parents is…

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  • Parenting after separation

    In the midst of the stress of ending a relationship, couples with children face the extra pressure of making decisions about how they will parent after separation. This can be a ve…

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