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Separation anxiety in children – how to help?

Does your child find it hard to say ‘goodbye’ or have meltdowns when it is the time for you to go? Are they fearful of you leaving them alone?  They may be experiencing separation anxiety. Children with separation anxiety show: Excessive distress when separated from home or caregivers, Clinginess to parents Refusing to go to … Read more

Avoiding toddler tantrums

Meltdowns are common among toddlers – feeling intense emotions like fear and anger can be overwhelming. Without the words and strategies to express them, toddlers often respond with tantrums to help manage their feelings. There are great strategies that parents can work into their family routines that not only reduce the likelihood of tantrums, but … Read more

Do you know your Parenting Style?

Research by Diana Baumrind, a development psychologist, showed that parents fall into four main categories or styles: Permissive, Authoritative, Uninvolved and Authoritarian. This refers to the overall climate in which they raise their children, rather than the actions they take. So, with-in each parenting style, the parenting practices will differ. For example, each family will … Read more

toddler tantrums

Ways to handle toddler tantrums

There is a reason that you’ll often hear people talking about “the terrible twos” and “three-nagers”; parenting toddlers is hard work! One of the biggest challenges for parents is dealing with the tantrums and meltdowns that are commonplace during this time. Although some lucky parents may skip the drama during the toddler years – perhaps … Read more

Anger and aggression in children, Parent Help advice

Anger and aggression in children

Anger and emotional outbursts during childhood are normal, and if met with appropriate boundaries and expectations from the caregiver, the child will eventually learn to manage these difficult emotions. This article covers some of the key questions to ask if you have a child who struggles with anger: What triggers the feeling of anger (what … Read more

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